Our sangha meets at 7:30 p.m. in the Clara Barton Room in Peace Hall of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh at 3313 Wade Avenue and online.  See our home page for the current schedule.

Detailed directions to UUFR can be found here.

Update 1/22/2023: Please see the special note about our meeting location a the bottom of the page.

We meet in Peace Hall (upper level), which faces Wade Ave, and is to the right of the main sanctuary building.  These days, Peace Hall is labeled with the number 3315.

Enter through the front door.  The Clara Barton Room is the first (and only) room on the right, through double doors.  Restrooms can be found on the left.

Feel free to bring your own cushion, mat or bench, use some of our shared cushions, mats or benches, or be seated in a chair.

If the doors to the Clara Barton room are closed, please enter quietly and join the circle once the first sitting is completed.

Special note: During certain times (e.g. when the weather becomes colder), the Clara Barton room is used as a shelter for the unhoused.  During this time, we’ll meet in the Music Room of the UUFR main building, which is the building to the left of our normal building.  Enter this other building through the front doors, bear left and walk all the way down the hall.  You’ll find the music room at the end of the hallway.