Nearby Sanghas practicing in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn:

Wake up Raleigh (Young Adults)

Planting Seeds Sangha (Chapel Hill, NC)

The Deep River Sangha (Greensboro, NC)

Community of Mindful Living in the Pines (Pinehurst, NC)

Charlotte Community of Mindfulness (Charlotte, NC)

Monasteries our tradition:

Plum Village Mindfulness Practice Center (Thénac, Dordogne, France)

Blue Cliff Monastery (Pine Bush, NY)

Magnolia Grove Meditation Practice Center (Batesville, MS)

Deer Park Monastery (Escondido, CA)

Other Tradition Resources:

The Mindfulness Bell – Quarterly publication and other resources, including a world-wide Sangha directory

Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation

Other Local Buddhist Organizations:

Triangle Insight Meditation Community – A Vipassana Meditation Group.

The Kadampa Center – For the Practice of Tibetan Buddhism in the Gelugpa Tradition

The Chapel Hill Zen Center – A Soto Zen Meditation Group

The Eno River Buddhist Community –  An Insight Meditation practice group

Won Buddhism of North Carolina


Guide to Mindfulness Retreat and Other Times

Buddhanet: Buddhist Information Network– a massive network of Buddhism resources.

Access to Insight– archives of readings in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Includes teachings, sutras, dharma talks, and much more.

Daily Zen– a daily koan and other meditation resources.

Parallax Press – founded in late 1985, following a suggestion by Thich Nhat Hanh, Parallax Press is the publishing division of Unified Buddhist Church, Inc. and offers for sale books, tapes, CDs, cards, calendars, bells and cushions.

Sounds True – an audio, video and music publishing company offering more than 500 titles about spiritual traditions, meditation, psychology, creativity, health and healing, self-discovery, relationships, and more.

Manual of Practice: Handbook of the UK Community of Interbeing an excellent source for sitting, walking and other meditation practices

Dharma List– a list of common Buddhist concepts (in Microsoft Word)

Carolina Morning Designs for zafus and other meditation supplies

Seaox Buddhist Links– Interesting information and links about Buddhism, including an in-depth biography of Thich Nhat Hanh.

The Gateless Gate– a collection of Zen koans.

The Buddhist Review Online– an excellent source of information about Buddhism.

Kyudo– Japanese archery in the tradition of Zen Buddhism.